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Best accounting manager, which helps to manage your Credit Debit, Payee Payer, Income Expanse entries or day to day transaction with many advantages, with traditional ways of maintaining physical paperwork or keeping account books.

Keeping day to day records of credit-debit transactions with the customers is now safe & secure.

Use for Personal use, Business owners & shopkeepers can now manage their daily/monthly Udhar Bahi, Credit Debit, khata digitally.

**Features of eKhata : Ledger Accounts, Financial Calculator
- Customer/Vendor/Account/Client/Party and then you can start adding the credit and debit amount which they or you have taken and see the entries.
- Udhar khata, Ledger Account Book and credit-debit transactions
- Daily Hisab Kitab in your pocket with reports
- Send customer/client report of outstanding (PDF Report)
- Separate your records as Business or Personal

Useful terms of Khatavahi: Credit Debit Entry Book, Ledger Cash Book, Credit Debit Entry Book, Basic Accounting Register, Hisab Kitab daily, Debit Credit Ledger, Pocket Khata Book, Ugarani Book, Ledger Account Book and Udhar khata Book.

eKhata : Ledger Accounts, Financial Calculator offers Loan, leases and investment calculators:
- Mortgage Calculator
- Auto Loan Calculator
- Amortization Calculator
- Loan Comparison Calculator, EMI Calculator
- Refinance Calculator
- Interest Only Calculator
- Loan Affordability Calculator
- Car Lease Calculator
- Compound Interest Calculator
- Simple Interest Calculator
- Present Value Calculator
- Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
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