Eat Smart Kiwi

UpdatedMay 25, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
DeveloperEat Smart Kiwi
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Track what you eat. Track how you feel. Get insights on what to eat differently.

Eat Smart Kiwi helps you discover the effect of your eating on acne, bloating, stomach pain, headaches, energy levels, mood, or anything else you want to track. Every day, you record what you eat and how you feel, and we figure out all the correltaions between the two.

After keeping a food and health diary, you'll get insights on what foods make your conditions worse, and what foods make them better, as well as the strength and significance of the correlation and whether others have experienced the same thing.

Eat Smart Kiwi contains a built-in food database to make the entry process as painless as possible. Our analysis is enhanced with data about the cateogries and ingredients of each these foods. Your diary and insights will sync across all devices you are signed in to, including a browser.

Note that a small monthly subscription is required after the free trial.
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