Durga Puja

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperTourism Dept. W.B.
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Since time immemorial Goddess Durga has been worshipped with pious devotion. Durga Puja heralds the home-coming of the Goddess Durga with her children in the Autumn, when the skies are blue and white clouds lend a joyous touch. Over a period of time, Durga Puja has stopped being only a religious ritual and has taken the shape of a socio-cultural phenomenon, where people from all walks of life participate, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The idols of the Goddess and the pandals show intricate craftsmanship and creative prowess. The heritage pujas remind the centuries old traditions. The Durga Puja festival is also known as Sharodia utsav. The Durga Puja carnival has an unique attraction. The Durga Puja is celebrated in Kolkata and all districts of West Bengal, which attracts tourists from India and abroad in larger numbers during this festive time and the Tourism Department arranges special Puja packages, connecting the World with the true message of Biswa Bangla. You can truly “Experience Bengal - the sweetest part of India”. This Mobile App will make the pandal hoping easier to help the visitors to a great extent in addition to many useful information at the fingertip.
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