DTalker IME

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperCreate System Kaihatsu
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The "Document talker IME", as a base, an open-source software OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd. the "OpenWnn", by those who are visually impaired is also a Japanese software keyboard with care and character input to allow.
By turning on of an assistive technology "Talkback", will announce a key on the keyboard. In addition, candidate string that has been converted because it is reading more, I can perform the determination of Kanji characters converted.
The TTS of for reading, please use "Document Talker for Android", "Document Talker Takashi" and "Document Talker Keiko".
It corresponds to the flick input in Android4.1 or more.

- Big friendly visual disabilities keyboard, 4 column 5 line
- In response to Talkback, reading the key can
- Select button by reading details of Kanji conversion candidate
- The implementation both functions multi-tap input, the flick input
- Alarm sound function of when it is out of the keyboard area.
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