Distance Meter

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperKemal Duran
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This is a simple measuring tool app that makes some lenght and height measurements.

What does it do?

•Distance Meter allows you to measure the approximate distance and height of an object
with using your phone's camera.
•To measure the distance, just stand up, target at the BOTTOM and touch the shutter.
•To measure the height, target at the TOP and touch the shutter.

How to use Distance Meter?

Step 1. You can measure the distance from you to an object by aiming at the BOTTOM (on the ground) of it.
Step 2. The height of an object can be measured by aiming at the TOP of it.

Area Meter

You can also measure an object's area and border widths.
Set an approximate distance to object and adjust borders, then see the calculated area with height and width.

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