Dig Bombers

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperSpooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
CategoryGames, Action,
The mine is too small for two dig bombers. So, who wins?
Duel, Arena, Battle Royale or Solo game modes. Real time PvP multiplayer battles to every taste in Dig Bombers - Bombastic game.
Collect trophies and win new Dig bombers. Every battle bomber man, woman, zombie or pirate are unlockable in the Trophy Road. Collect trophies and get great gifts in treasure chests.

Blow up your enemies using a huge variety of bombs and weapons.
Smash through the obstacles. Dig ahead, bomb away, mine the luck on your way.
Underground treasure hunt - an exciting but dangerous game. There will always be another Bomber in hunt for glory. Everything needed to win
is buried in the mine.
Dig up the treasure, exchange it for bombs and get rid of other bombers.
Pickaxe will pave the way for you, but do not forget about the bombs.
They not only help to fight the enemies, but also blow up the obstacles in the battlefield.
Be careful, watch out for enemies. Dodge their attacks, run away but don't forget to put a bomb! You need to survive! Dig, blast, bomb and become the sole owner of a dungeon full of treasures.
Dig Bombers Features:
* Duel. Real-time 1 vs 1 PvP online battle.
* Bomber Arena. 4 Dig bombers in the same mine, this is bombastic online PvP multiplayer battle.
* Battle Royale - 6 Brave Dig Bombers in one battle field. Survive and get trophies.
* Single player - no internet connection? Don't stop playing! Fight solo in Single player.
* Chat - wish your friend good luck or send a smile.
* 2 weapons for each Bomber. Collect power points and upgrade your character.
* Superpower - every Bomber obtains unique destructive force. It charges while you play.
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