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Dibidogs empowers children to feel, discover and play. These are the cornerstones of Finnish pedagogy, supporting balanced growth and playful learning throughout the life. The recent academic research suggests that learning can be significantly enhanced with interactive media and learning games, when the usage is pedagogically oriented and the solutions represent good pedagogical design. That is why the whole offering of Dibidogs has been created in co-operation with Finnish educators.

Dibidogs Interactive Activity Books has Kokoa certificate. Products with Kokoa Education Standard™ certificate are guaranteed to represent high educational value and robust pedagogical design.


Dibidogs wants to provide a possibility for all children to benefit from the Finnish early years education knowledge. Play is a significant way of learning for children. It motivates and gives joy, while the children also learn essential skills.

The tasks in Dibidogs Interactive Activity Books help improving school readiness for 4-8 year children. The educational content supports other important learning skills like logical thinking, observation, cognitive and memory skills, too. Children’s own appetite for learning is boosted via positive encouragement.

The learning objectives include
- using language as a means of remembering information
- detecting patterns and think logically
- noticing causal connections
- practicing to look things from different perspectives
- making observations
- practicing logical thinking
- recognizing shapes and colors
- comparing sizes and numbers

In the Dibidogs Interactive Activity Books kids will find great stories about young Dibidogs Rocky, Emmy and their friends. Together with the characters kids experience many fun-filled challenges. Various brain teasers, labyrinths, puzzles, the game "Find a pair," "Connect the dots" and colorings await the children! And of course, the children can enjoy full episodes of the Dibidogs cartoons!


This animated preschool TV series features the adventures of Rocky and Emmy and their friends. The Dibidogs live on a beautiful planet known as Bonecity. They zoom around in cool spaceships, go to school right next to the awesome Royal Palace and get mixed up in adventures full of royal hounds, mysterious shadows and a super-cute princess.

While kids love the action and adventure, parents have praised the series for its positive social readiness lessons such as sharing, trying your best, appreciation of one another and collaboration.


visit the series website at www.dibidogs.com or
watch our trailers at https://www.youtube.com/user/DibidogsOfficial


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