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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperSonflare Media
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Compass GM is a gyro-magnetic compass app that accurately indicates true or magnetic heading on a numeric and dial readout. It has great response to quick angular changes because of the magnetically slaved gyro. It features a traditional waypoint list (heading and distance only, not GPS co-ordinates) and editor with a highly visible heading bug to indicate direction to the next waypoint.

Whats new:
• Red night light view to reduce night blinding. You can switch between day and night time views.

Key features:
• True and magnetic heading - True heading is derived from magnetic heading and the angle of declination (variation) obtained from your geolocation and World Magnetic Model data.

• Gyro-magnetic compass - the compass operates in the magnetic slaved gyro mode to improve response to quick angular changes.

• Red night light view to reduce night blinding. You can switch between day and night time views.

• Clear numeric and dial readout - The numeric readout shows: Heading, angle of declination, waypoint number, description and distance with units. The dial shows clear markings at various intervals. Your current location's latitude and longitude is also shown.

• Waypoint list - The waypoint list is that of traditional waypoints (heading and distance) and does not include GPS positions or co-ordinates neither a map. The waypoint entries include waypoint number, description, distance to waypoint, and heading. You can also edit, save and load the waypoint list.

• Heading bug - A highly visible waypoint heading bug indicates your next waypoint heading on the compass dial and numeric readout. It can also be manually adjusted to any arbitrary heading. A next and previous waypoint button allows one to select any waypoint from the list.

• Tilt compensation - the compass works at any orientation and features full tilt compensation. It can even operate upside down, whatever for?

• Smoothly filtered readings
• Gyro option greatly increases angular change response
• Magnetic sensor accuracy indication
• Settings (distance units and sound)
• Calibration assistance
• Help describing the main features of the app
• High resolution graphics

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you experience any problems or bugs or if you have any suggestions: [email protected]
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