Children's Prayer Memory complete and accordance

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
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Prayer is very important to be taught to children early so that their relationship with God can also be established early. But the obstacle that is often faced by parents is how to teach it. With the help of this application, our children will be facilitated in learning to memorize and practice daily prayers.

First, we need to pay attention to the example of parents first. Although these children do not understand praying, speaking to something personal that is not immediately visible, but the attitude of prayer may be what we need to teach and we exemplify it first.
We instill the attitude of praying first when we are young and it's good when children start communicating, children have begun to say children are invited to memorize prayers.
We invite the children to pray for example their friends, pray for their brother or sister, pray for their father and mother.
And we also have to get children to pray according to their activities. So we try to train them to pray to God.

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