Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty 2019

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperHyperfame Games Studio
CategoryGames, Casual,
You are on towing duty!
Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty is a challenging game offering exciting missions of towing chained buses and cars using heavy duty tractors.
Play chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty, to experience real tractor towing simulation. Tow heavy busses and stranded cars through dangerous hilly off-road paths to reach your destination. Experience the thrill of towing a heavy vehicle on a difficult off-road terrain.
Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty is an action-packed tractor simulator game where you have to help a stuck or stranded bus or car by towing it to its destination.
Tow your city bus with a chain attached to a heavy duty tractor - pull and push coach, with tractor sled to transport bus to its destination. Drive carefully through dangerous offroad terrains because every time you crash your tractor will be damaged and you will fail the level!
Detailed tractors, realistic interiors and a beautiful open world, hill environment will make you feel like you are driving a real tractor on a hill!
Complete challenging missions and upgrade your tractor for better controls and more power.
Each level of Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty is more challenging and more exciting than the previous one!

FEATURES - Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty
⁃Realistic tractor driving experience
⁃Huge open world,
⁃Beautiful off-road mountain environment
⁃Many challenging levels
⁃Different tractors to drive - regular, covered tractors and even automatic tractors.
⁃Many missions - tow buses, cars and more
⁃Realistic tractor physics
⁃Realistic experience of farming tractor chained bus transport
⁃Stunning 3D graphics
⁃Realistic tractor interiors
⁃Realistic game sound effects
⁃Dynamic camera angles
⁃Easy controls & steering wheel
⁃Fresh attractive music

Chained Tractor Bus Towing Duty will test your tractor driving and vehicle transport skills.
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