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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
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Build Math Minds allows elementary teachers to get PD at your Fingertips.
In our app you can:
-Watch professional development videos in the comfort of your home.
-Access resources to help you in your quest to build your students’ math minds
-See upcoming events
-Sign in to your BMM account to have easy access to your courses and the Build Math Minds PD Community

It’s About Building Math Minds, NOT Creating Calculators.

I’m Christina Tondevold, facilitator of Build Math Minds. After 10 years in the schools I started Mathematically Minded, LLC as a way to share resources and advice with educators and parents. I was traveling from district to district and even state to state doing math professional development and needed a spot to share my resources.

I LOVE doing PD for teachers, but as my family grew, and grew, and grew, it became harder and harder for me to leave them to travel across the country to do those math trainings. So, I decided to take my most requested training (Number Sense for PreK-2) and turn it into an online course called Number Sense 101.

That sparked the start of my PD at your Fingertips movement and the creation of Build Math Minds. You can take a course in the comfort of your home or even out on the lake… anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. No more do you have to wait for your district to bring in professional development, you have it at your fingertips.

As well as online professional development courses, I have a library of professional development training videos that are housed inside the Build Math Minds PD Community. Members have access to monthly PD videos as well as archived video trainings….all focused on PreK-5 math.

Even if you are not a paid member of the course or the PD Community, this app offers you easy access to the free trainings and resources I produce.

If you are about building your students’ math minds, and not just having them calculate, then download this app to join the Build Math Minds movement.

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