UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperDavid Jacob Ackerman
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Productivity and Workflow for the Enterprise

Workflow is one of the challenges of the enterprise. It is magnified when many of the employees are spread in multiple locations and have limited access to workstations.

Briefery's approach to enterprise workflow is based on the company's concept of functional workflow & messaging. The platform has a functional module for each type of message, based on attributes such as level of urgency, delivery confirmation, requesting an employee to complete a task or requesting an answer from a group of people. The hierarchical structure enables efficient communication with hundreds or even thousands of employees.

Key features:

Workflows Builder: Build intelligent automated workflows that will reflect you organizational processes, use the provided FlowBots to create an automated flow with integration to more than 500+ external services or use tailored custom bots to suit your needs.

Instant Document / Form Generator and Routing: Users are able to fill a form for a problem/ticket reporting, new assignment, project workflow, HR reporting, survey or any other data collection where each line can become an actionable task. The form and tasks are then routed to the proper person.
Forms can be viewed thru flexible (user defined) milestones/statuses to enable control and management of an ongoing process within the enterprise.

Instant Task Generator and Routing: Users are able to create tasks with due dates and view them by open or completed tasks.

External Integrations like Export to Excel / PDF: Tasks, Documents, Workflows can be exported to excel for reporting or for integration with other enterprise software packages (CRM, ERP, etc.)

Profiles: Within the organization there are spaces (groups). For each space there can be predefined custom profiles to give the user the permissions that he needs keep your data secure and controlled.

Market: Get free access to the vast template’s market to find already pre-defined documents, workflows and much more in order to be up and running quickly using professionally created templates
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