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DeveloperBikayi - Setup online Shop, Take Payments, orders.
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What bikayi can be used for ?
- Bikayi makes it easy to manage business on whatsapp by increasing orders, helping you to set up professional looking catalogs and also to make whatsapp business cards.
- You can take payments from your customers instantly, we also support international payments.
- Easily market your business online and start selling online within 2 minutes

Create your free whatsapp integrated online catalogue by just uploading product images.

How to use bikayi ?
- Create your online catalogue which can be shared as website, whatsapp message, images, video and pdf.
- Get unlimited orders, enquiries from your customers.
- See how many have viewed your catalog and some times also who viewed it.
- Share each catalog of your shop separately as video.
- Manage your product Inventory.
- Same account on multiple devices for your team.
- Understand your customers mind with analytics.
- Share your business card.
- Add your payment details on your website.
- Recommendations to your customers on your website using AI.
- Promo Codes for your customers to use on your shop.
- Your online shop in your pocket.
- Payment Gateway setup instantly by just providing UPI ID or Bank details.
- Whatsapp order receipts.
- Share as video catalogs.
- Share as PDF catalogs.
- Create whatsapp business cards.

Bikayi is proudly made in India. ?

- Unlimited selling and sharing on whatsapp and facebook.
- Take Unlimited orders, enquiries on 0% commission.
- Product recommendations on your shop for your customers.
- Whatsapp visiting cards.
- Free analytics.
- Multiple devices support.
- Video catalogs with filters and music.
- Own branding.
- Custom domain connection.
- Website banners.
- Taxes and shipping charges.
- Make discount coupons for your customers.
- Manage your inventory and product variants easily.
- Generate whatsapp order receipts.
- Download whatsapp order summary.
- PDF catalog for your products.
- Generate Business cards

Other names we are known with: bikai app

Contact Us:

For any queries/feedback, write to us at [email protected] or whatsapp us on +91-9347164958
Our website is www.bikayi.com
Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bikayiapp
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