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Crocodiles? Fine. Bungee jumping? No problem. Public speaking? Yikes! Just the thought of public speaking signifies greatest fear and can be a hassle if the individual feels insecure. But the best part is, the art of public speaking can be mastered through practice and determination. It just needs the speaker to be prepared, proactive, and confident.

In order to acquire the skill the speaker has to eliminate his/her fear and practice repeatedly; you need to put yourself in situation that require public speaking, by cross-training a group, or by volunteering to speak at team meetings. This is not always possible or practical in real life. Thus the need of Virtual Reality. Happy Mongo’s flagship product ‘BigTalk’, present you with that virtual experience.

BigTalk, is a virtual reality app that replicates an environment of you standing in front of a social gathering. The simulation offers you with the opportunity to observe your own voice and body language; as well the gather the audiences reaction to your speech. Practicing public speaking with the aid of this app helps you
Refine your speech
Understand the type of audience you will be presenting to – the audiences expectations and priorities
Keep in mind to pay attention to yourself and your surrounding
Get in touch with your on-stage persona – speakers need to pay attention to their non-verbal communication like tonal quality and body language in order to capture the audience’s interest
Hands-on experience responding to questions put forth by panellists

An individual standing in front of a mirror and imaging the scene of facing 100’s of audience, is considered as one of the best way to practice public speaking. Though it is a good way to observe one’s body language and face expression. The feel of standing in front of real audiences is still missing and It does not help to push away the fear factor.

Hence BigTalk mobile app developed three scenarios that you as a public speaker may commonly come across

An Auditorium Scenario

Once you enter this option you get the exact experience of walking into a huge auditorium and standing on a stage facing a big crowd. This experience brings alive the anxiety and fear you feel in a real surrounding. Practicing your speech with the aid of BigTalk mobile app helps to boost your confidence and minimise the fear of facing the audience. Along with observing and rectifying your body language; you could also gage and practice the right pitch and tone you will need, to engage the entire audience with your speech

A Meeting Room Scenario

It gives you the feeling of being present inside a conference room with 6 other members. Practicing in this environment helps you decide your response to questions put forward, identify opportunities to add your ideas/inputs in-between the discussion etc.

Interview Room Scenario

This option displays a room with 3 interviewers who put forth question one after the other. The screen will also hint the time for the next question. This builds up the stress and pressure, for you to complete your response within time.

The experience is made more realistic as all the three scenarios are incorporated with a lot of distractions like audience staring at you, exiting the room in the middle of your speech, talking over phones, exchange reactions among each other etc.

Each of the above scenarios would require the speaker to vary in terms of modulation of tone, volume and body language, depending on the type and number of audience. This feature is applauded as the speaker has the choice to select an appropriate scenario and practice that particular style of speaking and tweak his speech and body language accordingly.

Big Talk is the best-in-class mobile app for any aspiring speaker. Download the Big Talk app now and get started with the experience. The more you practice, better are the chances of you tackling your anxiety and delivering a memorable speech.
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