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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperMillennium Creativity Apps
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Your photo background is not looking good?, U want to change background with HD beautiful backgrounds?... then this is the easy and user friendly application to edit your photos and replace backgrounds.

Background Changer is an application which is very effective for changing the background of any image and also you can select image from your phone gallery and gallery.

Replace your Photo Background with more than 100+ beautiful hd backgrounds and make it look like you are in places you have never been but you want or change and ugly background into something awesome.

Using this application you can create family photo in which absent person can be added.
So use free amazing photo background editor tool.

Opacity, Brightness and contrast tool to adjust and suit your photo with the new background.
- Apply different photo effects like Photo Negative, Black & White, Sketch effects, Neon Effects, Mirror effects, Oil Paint, Sun Burn, Television Effect, Old Photos, Multiple Sepia Color effects and many more.

Photo background eraser lets you erase any part of the photo you like. You can erase the whole background and replace it with other.

With our Background Remover app you can smartly erase background color or object easily.

Once complete erase of your photo BG, then select your default background for your photo. If you don’t like backgrounds, no problem at all. You can bring a BG from the gallery or capture any of the lovely location and set background of your photo.

User can also get various amazing backgrounds to stick their erased photo over the image.

-- Key FEATURES --

- Select photo from gallery or take a picture.
- Cut the main photo out using the numerous Photo shop like tools.
- You could also use the reset option or undo/redo your changes while creating a cool photo.
- Select your own background or choose from the beautiful collection of 8 HD Wallpapers.
- Pinch Zoom and rotate to re-size and adjust the photo to the background.
- Add retro effect to the created Image.
- Adjust Opacity, Contrast and Brightness to the created Image.
- Choose from Multiple effects to make your photo look realistic.
- Photo background changer does not require internet connection.
- Photo background changer Makes you a celebrity.
- Photo background changer is completely free download.
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