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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
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Full-length images of different types of tools for all the ages to learn, spell, draw, quiz, color and play games.

It's a free learnable game for all the ages. You will have fun while playing the game.

Types of Tools Available in the App are

* Daily Used Tools
* Factory Tools
* Hospital Tools
* Study Tools
* Office Tools


* Learn
* Spell
* Where Is (Quiz Game)
* Magic Slate
* Simple Coloring
* Advanced Coloring
* And Many more

How to Use the App?

1.Learn -> Learn tools by seeing the photographs and listen their names with pronounciation.
2.Spell -> Learn spellings of tools with Spell. The flash cards will help you to recognize the tools and spell it correctly.
3.Quiz (Where is?) -> Test your learning with Where is? You have to find the correct tools from the given options.
4.Magic Slate -> This has a slate where you can enjoy writing alphabets, numbers and drawing various images.This section has lots of colors to make your image colorful.
5.Simple Coloring -> This is for the beginners where you can learn how to color simple images easily.
6.Advanced Coloring -> This has a lot of image collections. There are around 20+ categories beautiful sketches make this section more intresting for all the ages of people. Now you can colorify these images beautifully and easily.

Together with your family and friends you can enjoy learning by watching wonderful images of different tools, all while learning their names and pronunciation.

These carefully selected photographs allow you to not only learn the names of the various tools, but also glimpse into the tools’s beautiful world and everything it offers!

After you look over and experience the tools flashcards, there is a fun game waiting for you, which tests how much you have understood.

A significant feature of this app is that there are no unrealistic drawings. Instead. full-length beautiful pictures are used that resemble actual tools (as they look in real life), which helps you to learn their names easily. By this app you can learn how to spell the words correctly. In this app beautiful images are given for coloring. So you can have fun by coloring the beautiful images.

Playing these types of games with flashcards has been proven to students in quickly learning English. They can discover new words and are able to easily impress their teachers and classmates!

You don't even need to know how to read with this app! Its simple interface and voice prompts allow you to play and learn the names of the tools by yourself! After playing this game, be sure to visit the zoo with your friends and family-You'll have more fun and you'll be happy and impressed.

Experience has shown that for most student, viewing and learning from bright and vivid images becomes a favorite pastime and having them play this game often reinforces their knowledge.

Don't be late! Learn quickly and explore smartly.
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