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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
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We are very excited to bring you one of our latest free Arabic keyboard with keyboard colors themes. Arabic Keyboard with English is the best design for anyone who loves fancy and color Arabic typing with emoji and stylish themes. If you want to change your mobile keyboard with new stylish Arabic keyboard, you'll need a new android keyboard customizer such as Arabic keyboard with keyboard themes. Feel free to choose any beauty themes from keyboard themes and to set it as your keyboard background themes. Arabic Keyboard for Android is a simple and fast Arabic writing app. This Arabic keyboard will allow you to write any text in Arabic as well in English. With easy Arabic language keyboard you can write all Arabic letters, Alphabets, and Arabic words. Arabic typing keyboard is the easiest and fast typing keyboard to write in Arabic language. English to Arabic typing app is for those who love Arabic Language and typing with easy Arabic typing keys. Arabic Keyboard caters for all typing tastes all Arabic fonts’ colors, keyboard layouts designs, emojis and colorful themes. Arabic keyboard with harakat Supports 2 language, English and Arabic at one button click.

Are you tired of the same old Arabic keyboard themes? If you're looking for a keyboard personalization that will take your phone to the next level you are at the right place. With Arabic typing keyboard you can have a different and unique themes design every day! Choose any Themes from themes collection and set a new keyboard background in a matter of seconds. Easy Arabic writing app brings regular Arabic typing The days of old system Arabic typing app are behind you! Enjoy the new way of texting and express every emotion or attitude using Arabic keyboard with harakat. Get Arabic keyboard for free and experience texting among the colorful world. Free Arabic keyboard is dual language keyboard that is English and Arabic. Arabic typing app is fast and smooth Arabic keyboard with English letters

There are different colorful Arabic keyboard themes covering various categories of glitter, nature, cute ones, flowers, etc. Visit our theme layout in Arabic typing keyboard app and find your favorites stylish themes. Arabic writing app is easy to use and free to download. Arabic typing app is fast typing Arabic app with English. Free Arabic keyboard with harakat includes 500+ most popular emojis. You can choose emojis from the keyboard list.


Open Arabic Keyboard with English
Click Enable Arabic Keyboard.
Now choose input option of Arabic typing keyboard

Arabic keyboard with harakat uses next-generation auto correct so accurate you can type in Arabic language. Type faster and save more time for the things you love with fast Arabic language keyboard. If you are looking for a smart and smooth Arabic writing keyboard take this English Arabic writing app. Download New Arabic typing app and enjoy stylish typing effects.

Try this amazing easy Arabic keyboard app today and you will never want to go back to your standard mobile Android keyboard. A fancy color theme for mobile keyboard is very trendy right now. And if you love keyboard background stylish themes with stylish Arabic typing, then we have the beautiful design of Arabic typing keyboard with easy Arabic language for you! Download Free Arabic keyboard with themes and emoji now and make your android mobile keyboard look more stylish amazing and beautiful with easy Arabic language keyboard. Arabic keyboard with English is free to download. It suggests replies based on your conversation context. Smart enough to recognize Arabic words mistyping provide correction suggestions and make your Arabic typing easy.
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