AEG Stats

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperBlackTalon Concepts
CategoryApps, Tools,
Wireless programming and stats for BTC-equipped AEGs.

- Quickest and most versatile method of programming AEGs. No more complex trigger inputs and/or accessing the battery compartment.

- Program your AEG mid-skirmish in literally seconds with no need to bring additional tools or the manual, just a smartphone.

- User-programmable passcode and a shortened signal range prevents any unauthorized setting changes.

- Smartphone app reports battery voltage, current draw, and FET temperature. Turn smartphones into a "wireless multimeter" for your AEG.

- Reports timing of shot cycles and RoF to assist technicians in fine tuning AEGs (eg: motor height) to achieve the best possible cycle rate.

- Diagnostic functions that display which microswitches are pressed in real-time and also what error (low volt, fuse tripped, etc) has occurred.

- Records total number of shots fired since the battery was connected and also during each trigger pull.
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