Abu Dhabi Taxi

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
DeveloperAbu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre
CategoryApps, Maps & navigation,
Abu Dhabi Taxi is an app for booking a taxi.
You can get a taxi in less than 10 mins.

Abu Dhabi Taxi is a user friendly application that offers the convenience of booking a taxi in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi “UAE” from your current location which is determined by the phone GPS.

What’s more?
•Registration: Users can register in the application and save their profile.
•Request Taxi: Book a taxi immediately with your preferred choice of Taxi type and pick up location.
•Tracking Taxi Location: You can track the location of your booked taxi from the time of confirmation until it reaches the pickup area.
•Cancel Booking: User can cancel the taxi booking.
•Search for Places: User can search for any place in Abu Dhabi and even book a taxi from that location.
•User Profile: User can view and edit his/her details.
•Tariff: Taxi fare details of Abu Dhabi taxi.
•Favorites: User can now save and edit his/her favorite location. Bookmark your favorite addresses and experience an accelerated access for your future taxi bookings.
•History: User can view his previous booked taxi trips and details of the trip as well.
•Rate your Trip: Users can rate the Driver and the trips that have been made previously through history list.
•Map change: User can now view the map in different forms by changing the base map of the application.
•Feedback: We value your feedback. You may share your taxi experience with us via “Feedback” feature.
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