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UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (6 months ago)
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This application is a Character Sheet for Cthulhu RPG. You can create your character in a simple way and play with your friends.

This application included:
- English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.
- Character editor.
- Dices for Characteristics and Skills.
- Weapons.
- Personal Data.
- Equipment.
- Notebook.
- Dice.
- Chat.
- All you need for your games.

If you notice any errors in the translation of any of the new languages, please contact us and we will try to correct it as soon as possible, thanks.

+ How do you create a character?
Press the "Create" button. Assign a name to the card (name of the character, name of the
game, etc.) and select the time. And finally, press "Create" button.
You have two options to assigned values to the characteristics:
- Press the dice and the values of the characteristics will be assigned randomly.
- Touch the values and assigned the values manually.
To assign the values to the skills, tap the value and enter the desired value.
For the income, you can press the die or enter the values.
And finally, you can introduce the values for the personal data.

+ How do you use it?
Press the character, and press "Open".
For feature releases, touch the characteristic (change to red), and touch the dice.
For the skills, touch the skill (change to red), and touch the dice.
For weapons:
To create: touch "Create" button and touch a empty button. If you touch a melee button,
you can assign a new melee attack. If you touch a firearm, you can assign a new
firearm. And touch "Save" button.
To use: Only touch the attack button that you want.

if you have any questions, you can ask us on our twitter @darklabyrinth_
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