3D Third Eye

UpdatedDec 19, 2020 (5 months ago)
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With this app you will be able to deeply concentrate on your third eye and use it in the best way to obtain all that you need in your life. The third eye is a very powerful instrument that few people know how to use but with the help of our app you will develop the right energies to make it work in the proper way.

The meditations can be free or guided and of different durations, so you can have a fast deep meditation of 3 minutes or a large one of 30 minutes.
During the meditation the third eye in the screen will slowly get closer to you and will help you to go deeper in yourself and get in contact with that part of you that was forgotten by many many time…

A sweet and powerful music will slowly appear when you’ll be very close to the spiritual eye and it will bring you right in the center of the powerful chakra.

You can choose between 2 different modes to use the app:
- Free Fly Meditation
- Guided Fly Meditation

In Free Fly Meditation you are free to move with the arrows buttons and the meditation is totally free and up to you.
With Guided Fly Meditations you will be guided through the meditation on your spiritual eye and you can choose between 3 different types:
- 3 Minutes Meditation
- 10 Minutes Meditation
- 30 Minutes Meditation

To obtain the best results you'll have to concentrate on the spiritual eye that is located at the center of your eyebrows, keep your eyes on the representation of the Third Eye at the center of the screen and follow the instructions you will be given during the meditation.

If there is something you want to obtain, something you want to become, or something you want to make happen, visualise that idea, keep it at the center of your eyebrows, stare at the Third Eye in the screen and concentrate with a lot of energy on it.

The more your energy will be strong and the more your target will have possibility to happen. The Third Eye (spiritual eye) can be a powerful instrument that if used in the right way can give us a lot of satisfactions, but remember to use it ONLY FOR GOOD THINGS AND NEVER TO HURT SOMEONE, or it will come back to you with even more intensity.

The Third Eye representation in this app is based on the Third Eye explained by PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA and we strongly believe it is the most accurate visual representation of it.
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